The Shot

This is a short skit I wrote, directed, edited, acted in, etc. Check it out! :)

Anonymous said:

Hey, where'd you up and go to? You alright?

Thank you for asking, sincerely. It’s heartwarming to hear from people even after all this time I’ve been gone. Anyway, I have never been a fan of the addiction tumbr causes (keeping me from doing anything productive); the polarized sides of tumblr between crazy, a little self-obsessed fandoms and social justice warriors who preach to the crowd here; and the effort it takes for me to avoid everything I don’t want to see on the site (all fandoms, ill-informed sjws, and the flat humor). Even though I enjoy many parts of tumblr, those parts compose less than 10% of my dashboard. So rather than put the effort in to endlessly scroll for hours here and waste valuable parts of my life, I dropped tumblr and am doing better than ever off the computer/phone (i’d always use the mobile version). I picked up filmmaking, as I linked above, and put more time into my writing. In short, I’m doing fantastic now. How about you doing?

See you later maybe


first rule of fight club…dont look at my fucking boner when we fight, rule two..dont talk about my baggy camo army pants they hide the boner